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Yo yo dog Im Nic. (yes that’s a bit tragic!) Mother to three beautiful, amazing, free-spirited girls. Wife to one fantastic, crazy, eccentric, genius, HILARIOUS Husband who actually loves me to pieces (yay!).

I drink too much, eat too much, don’t exercise as much as I should, don’t write enough thank you notes, often forget important dates (including DDs orthodontists appointments) and just occasionally I am a total! But deep down I think I’m probably a pretty neat chick. My totes awesome family & super-duper friends seem not to mind me too much (either that or they are all just super polite and probably a tad too English??!)

I pretty much spend my days flitting between thinking I’m a total flake, definitely ruining my children’s childhoods, holding on to sanity by a thin thread and really ought to check my self into some kind of rehab centre (breath), and the next moment DARING to think that ACTUALLY I’m doing a pretty stonkin’ good job & i might be getting the hang of this! so yeah, that’s it. Sounds a lot like bipolar or schizophrenia to the untrained eye, but I’m pretty sure its just motherhood, or womanhood for that matter!

So let’s raise a glass (unless you are still breastfeeding (honestly though, what’s the harm in one??)) and here’s to the insane, spew-filled, piss-n-shit-filled, hormone ravaged, horrendous, relationship-straining, utterly exhausting YET most AMAZING, awe-inspiring, love-filled, worthy, humbling, educational and strengthening role on earth… PERIOD.


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